Volumizing Primer

Basecoat Lash Primer
Prime • Amplify • Volumize

Define the beauty of your natural eye contours for a stunning, eye-popping finish
High-performance amplifying primer saturates eyelashes with color intensity and
definition while conditioning, smoothing and protecting for maximum beauty effects.

High-impact volume • C Precision application • Unique, depth-intensifying indigo blue

Size: 7.39 mL
3 month supply


A silky, matte formula lash primer with conditioning peptides that prepares the surface of the eyelash for the maximum effects of mascara application.

  • Smoothes out any unruly eyelashes or uneven surfaces to facilitate effortless mascara application
  • Coats the lashes to instantly amplify length and fullness while preventing clumping, flaking and smudging
  • Features a distinctive Indigo Blue shade to brighten the eyes and intensify the depth of mascara
  • Delivers moisturizing and conditioning benefits to help support lash strength and softness
  • Helps extend longevity and beauty of mascara for all-day wear

Product Highlights

  • Specially-designed hour glass shaped brush defines lashes and responds to the natural curvature of the lash-line
  • Unique bristles help separate and define lashes while picking up every single lash for maximum effect
  • Polymers and natural plant extracts coat the lashes to build even, effortless length and amplify natural volume
  • Peptides and Panthenol moisturize the lashes to help improve flexibility and help prevent breakage

Unique Ingredients

Peptide: Helps fortify, condition, and enhance the appearance of dramatic lashes.
Panthenol Helps moisturize lashes and improve shine.
Polymers & Natural Plant Waxes: Coat lashes to build-out even, effortless length and amplify natural volume.
Mineral Tint: Depth-defying Indigo Blue mineral tint intensifies the color of top-coat mascara.


How to Use + Tips

Step 1 Apply RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer to bare lashes, wiggling at the base of the eyelash and twirling upward and outward.
Step 2     Apply preferred shade of RevitaLash® Volumizing Mascara (Raven or Espresso).


  • Volumizing Primer is intended to be worn under mascara. However, it can be worn alone.
  • Twirling the wand helps separate lashes and allows for a more even coating on eyelashes.
  • To extend the product’s life, do not pump the wand inside the tube. 
    This allows air into the tube and may cause the product to dry out faster.