Micro-Targeting Spray

Hair Volume Enhancer

60 mL 



At the heart of the ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System, the ReGenesis™ Micro-Targeting Spray has an advanced formula that features proprietary BioPeptin Complex® and is designed to enhance the volume and beauty of hair. This dual-phase, low density defense formula is highly advanced and features proprietary BioPeptin Complex® encased in RevitaSome™ technology for dual-phase, time-released action. Combined with essential nutrients, fortifying peptides and protective plant
extracts, this Micro-Targeting Spray enhancer helps increase hair moisture balance, texture, shine and body for the appearance of thicker, healthier-looking hair. Revitasome™ Technology Layered like an onion, these microscopic ingredient delivery vehicles provide a time-release, dual-phase action. Alternating a lipid layer and water-soluable layer,
RevitaSomes™ help transport the proprietary BioPeptin Complex®, made up of fatty lipids, peptides and anti-oxidants, to the hair shaft to help promote more voluminous hair.
The time-release factor helps the ingredients disperse over an extended period of time for improved absorption into the hair and more effective hair health and beauty impact.

Product Highlights

  • Targets Low Density Hair
  • Defends Against Hair Breakage
  • Promotes the Look of Thicker, Fuller-Bodied Hair

How To Use

Use once daily. Remove safety clip from spray nozzle. Hold bottle upright and orient Micro-Targeting Spray nozzle directly up to hair, at areas of fine and thinning hair. Spray 1-2 pumps, then massage through hair using fingertips, allow to dry and style hair as usual. This product is a leave-in, do not rinse. For best results use as part of the ReGenesis™ Hair Enhancing System. The extended spray nozzle provides control and targeting application. It is ideal for longer hair types and women.

Unique Ingredients

RevitaSomes™ • BioPeptin Complex® • Loquat Leaf • Micro Algae Citrus Flavanoids & Oleanic Acid • Sandalwood Extract • Pep tides