A gift that began with love...

Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, an ophthalmologist for over 30 years, fostered the initial success of the company based on one remarkable product, RevitaLash® Eyelash Conditioner. 


The original concept was developed as a special gift to meet the personal needs of his beautiful wife Gayle while she was recovering from metastatic breast cancer treatments. Gayle’s once-beautiful eyelashes had become dull, brittle, and lifeless. 

Dr. Brinkenhoff believed he could find a way to give Gayle’s eyelashes the look of renewed health, strength, and beauty – thus RevitaLash® was born. 

The immediate success of RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner sparked a desire by the husband and wife duo to innovate, create and deliver a collection of trusted cosmetic products that could help meet the aspirations of others seeking to enhance their natural beauty, build their confidence and feel revitalized. 

Eight years later, trust, integrity, beauty and innovation remain at the core of Athena Cosmetics, Inc. (manufacturer) and the RevitaLash brand as it evolves and emerges as the global leader in the eyelash enhancement and beautification category.   

A leader, an innovator, a trusted partner ready to support the success of its business affiliates and meet the product performance needs of its valued customers, the company remains devoted to its heritage and the pursuit of natural beauty today and for years to come.